The Traffic Operations Department is responsible of maintaining the smooth flow of traffic in CAVITEX. The area of responsibility covered includes the whole stretch of R-1 (MIA and Coastal Road Intersection to Longos) and R-1 Extension (Longos to Kawit) including their entrances and exits. All traffic officers are well trained and reliable and are ready to assist every motorist while inside the expressway.

Traffic rules and regulations are enforced in accordance with existing Constitutional Traffic Laws such as RA 4136 (Land Transportation and Traffic Code), RA 2000 (Limited Access Highway Act), RA 8750 (Seat Belts Use Act of 1999), and RA 8794 (Anti-Overloading - Road User’s Charge Law).

Moreover, the department provides the following services:

  • Motorist Assistance – secures stalled vehicles along CAVITEX and protects the motorists from moving vehicles and assists them with the needed repairs.
  • Enforcement of Traffic Rules and Regulations - ensures safety of the motorists travelling along CAVITEX.
  • Emergency Medical Services – immediate response to injured drivers/passengers due to vehicular accidents or other related cases. Provides first aid treatment and transports those injured to the nearest hospital.
  • Emergency Roadside Towing System – provides assistance by clearing the expressway of stalled vehicles.
  • Traffic Management – provides traffic direction and control at toll plazas and interchanges to ensure  a smooth traffic flow.
  • Random SMT or Speed Management Team - conducts  over-speeding operation after peak/rush hours to apprehend over-speeding vehicles.
  • Random AOVP or Anti-Overloading Vehicle Program - protects the toll road from damage and deterioration.
  • Lane Utilization Management (LUM) - this is  conducted to apprehend traffic violators for  unsafe swerving, overtaking on road shoulder and overstaying on the fast lane.

Currently, CCTV cameras for traffic monitoring are in operation and Body Worn Cameras (BWCs) are used by our Traffic Officers to record their interactions with the motorists.