• Cavite Expressway uses an open toll collection system in which the entry and exit of a toll station run simultaneously and the amount of toll depends on the calculation and not the actual covered distance.  The system caters two (2) mode of payments: CASH and ETC (Electronic Toll Collection).
  • Cavite Expressway consists of two (2) toll plazas namely Parañaque Toll Plaza and Kawit Toll Plaza and a row of two (2) toll booths located in Kabihasnan
  • Both Parañaque and Kawit Toll Plazas have twenty (20) lanes, including seven (7) and four (4) reversible lanes respectively.  Kabihasnan has two (2) lanes.
  • Toll Fees

  • Vehicle Classification

1.     CLASS 1

1.1.   Vehicle height should only be until seven (7) feet and five (5) inches with two (2) axles.                           

1.2.   Light Vehicles such as:

1.2.1.  Cars

1.2.2.  Jeepneys

1.2.3.  Pick-ups, SUVs, AUVs, Vans and

1.2.4.  Motorcycles with 400 cc displacement and above 

1.3.   Vehicles with antennae, accessories or top load carriers such as Bicycles, Surfboards and the like.

2.     CLASS 2

2.1.   Vehicles’ roof line exceeds seven (7) feet and five (5) inches with two (2) axles.

2.2.   Light trucks and busses with two (2) axles

2.3.   Any Class 1 vehicle with trailer

2.4.   Vehicles with top loads and with commercial value that exceed the height of seven (7) feet and five (5) inches are considered CLASS 2.

3.     CLASS 3

3.1.   Vehicle’s roof line exceeds seven (7) feet and five (5) inches with three (3) or more axles.

3.2.   Class 1 vehicle with trailer whose roof line exceeds seven (7) feet and five (5) inches.

3.3.   Class 2 vehicles with trailer. 

3.4.   Heavy trucks such as:

3.4.1.  Heavy lorry trucks

3.4.2.  Container trucks

  • Modes of Payment

1.     CASH

Customers pay a corresponding toll fee in Philippine currency.


Electronic Toll Collection

2.1.  Easydrive – Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is the wireless use of   electromagnetic field to transfer data, for the purpose of automatically identifying and tracking tags attached to objects. The tags contain electronically stored information.

2.2.  Beep Card - is a proximity card or “contactless” smart card which can be read without inserting into a reading device.


  • Toll Lanes and Signages

1.     CASH

Manual Payment for All Classes  

2.     CASH (CLASS 1)

Manual Payment Class 1 Only


Manual Payment Class 1 Only

4.    Easydrive (Class 1)

Easydrive /RFID Dedicated Class 1 Only

5.    Easydrive (Class 2 & 3)

Easydrive /RFID Dedicated All Classes

6.    Wide Vehicle /Easydrive

Manual Payment & ETC All Classes

7.    CASH / BEEP

Manual Payment / ETC (BEEP & RCBC My Wallet)

8.    CASH Easydrive

Manual Payment / ETC (Easydrive Class 1 Only)



  • Location: PEATC Compound
  • Services: 24/6
    • Receiving and filing of customer complaints
    • Change Receipt/IOU/Short Change and Disturbance Fee
    • Operation: 3 shifts (0500H-1300H,1300-2100H and 2100H-0500H) –Except Sundays
    • Cavitex Hot Line No. 165-8888 (24/7 Operational)



  • Locations: North / South Bound Parañaque Toll Plaza.
  • Services:
    • Selling and Installation of Easy Drive /RFID
    • Loading station Easy Drive /RFID only
    • Operation: 2 shifts (0500H - 1300H and 1300 - 2100H) - Temporary
    • Loading station for BEEP cards
    • Operation: Monday - Friday (0600H 2100H).