Health, Safety, Environment, and Security (HSES) Commitment and Policy


PEATC is committed to:

  • carry out its work in a way that provides healthy and safe working practices and avoids risks of injury to anyone;
  • operate in a sustainable manner, through pollution prevention and the conservation of energy and natural resources;
  • reduce the production of wastes through measures that emphasize reuse and recycling;
  • openly communicate HSES performance;
  • manage HSES matters as any other business objective;
  • develop a culture that encourages employees to take personal responsibility for HSES.

Through these commitments and with the full cooperation of all employees working as a team, we aim to have an HSES performance we can be proud of, to earn the confidence of our customers, shareholders, and the neighboring communities.

It is our Policy to:

  • comply with all regulations and legal requirements governing HSES;
  • develop occupational health, safety, environment, and security policies, procedures, and guidelines;
  • establish and maintain a safe, secure, and healthy working environment;
  • employ an effective accident and illness prevention program that involves all its employees in the effort to eliminate workplace hazards;
  • include HSES performance in the appraisal of all employees and reward accordingly;
  • ensure that this policy is understood and implemented throughout the organization and to require outsource service providers and contractors to manage HSES in line with this policy.

The overall responsibility for Health, Safety, Environment, and Security rests at the highest level, however, every employee has an important place in the safety program and is expected to cooperate fully.

I. Programs

II. Compliance

III. Training and Development